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Vibrobeton DLC

1, Zagorodnaya Street, Zaslavl, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus, 223034

Ph.: +375 17 541-06-70 (landline)
Mobile ph.: +375 29 557-64-49 (MTS)
Mobile ph.: +375 29 319-57-60 (VELCOM)
Fax: +375 17 544-28-05



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About the company

Vibrobeton DLC manufactures counterweights (components) for washing machines as well as concrete products such as concrete tile, beam and boundary stone. Our company was founded in 2007 as a manufacturing enterprise and by now has established itself as a supplier of its products to large companies. Presently Vibrobeton DLC cooperates with LG ElectronicsRus OJSC (Russian Federation), Atlant CJSC (Republic of Belarus), Samsung.
Major types of activity are as follows:
1.Production of concrete and reinforced concrete products.
2.Provision of freight services in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.
3.Wholesale and retail trade in building materials and cement.
The company’s personnel exceeds 200 people. All our employees are highly skilled specialists.
The production facilities of Vibrobeton DLC of 2000m2 occupy a very advantageous economic and geographic position. They are located in the town of Zaslavl of the Minsk District, 15 km from Minsk. Availability of convenient service roads (railways and highways) as well as location in the very heart of the country makes it possible for the company to optimize their logistical costs.
Improved investment and tax climates in the Republic of Belarus create favourable conditions for the company’s manufacturing capabilities to promptly adjust to the customer’s needs. Thus, in 2011 the company introduced the system of quality management based on the ISO 9001 requirements.
Vibrobeton DLC may become your reliable partner for the long term! The facilities and technologies applied allow the company to arrange uninterrupted deliveries of counterweights of different models and cement products to your enterprises in any volumes.
Our details are as follows:
1, Zagorodnaya Street, town of Zaslavl, Minsk District, Republic of Belarus, 223034
Ph.: +375 17 5410670, fax: +375 17 5442805