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Foundation beam (FB) in Minsk

Currently Vibrobeton DLC endeavours to penetrate the market with a maximally wide assortment of reinforced concrete products. Foundation beams however offered for sale by Vibrobeton DLC are intended primarily for customers operating in the sphere of building materials used for ceremonial services. The company’s plant of reinforced concrete products produces high-quality and reliable foundation beams for grave covering.

Low prices for foundation beams and their high quality are the primary benefits you obtain by cooperating with us. Besides, it is just foundation beams that we are ready to deliver to your site in Minsk free of charge if you place an order for 25 and more foundation beams with us! !

Delivery of foundation beams in Minsk

Selling of reinforced concrete foundation beams is carried out directly form our production warehouse in the town of Zaslavl (1, Zagorodnaya Street, 15 km from the Minsk Ring Road, in the direction of Molodechno). The foundation beams bought from us by you may be self-hauled. It is for foundation beams however that we offer a free-of-charge delivery in case your order makes 25 or more foundation beams in which case we will use our own motor transport. The maximum time for carrying out your orders for foundation beams makes 2 days.

Foundation beams for covering graves

Foundation beams for covering graves are made from heavy weight concrete and are intended for supports of outside and inside walls of carcass buildings. We use high-quality concrete to produce reinforced concrete foundation beams (V40 (M500) (B40 (M500) – to improve compressive resistance and F250 – to raise frost resistance; water absorption makes 3,2%) and armature (two types of armature with the diameter of 8 and 4, respectively), normally used for prestressed structures. The weight of a foundation beam is about 70 kg. Our foundation beams are prefabricated reinforced concrete foundation beams. Besides fulfilling a strengthening function, our foundation beams are also moisture protective.

At present we offer a model of foundation beam with the dimensions of 2750х1000х1200.

Production of foundation beams by Vibrobeton DLC

In the near future we are planning to considerably extend the model range of reinforced concrete foundation beams for walls of different types (brick and block) and heights.

We are ready to carry out orders for foundation beams of the required standard sizes. Specialists of Vibrobeton DLC will assist you in calculating the technical parameters of a foundation beam intended for a specific construction project.

We are waiting for your orders to be placed right now

If you are interested in buying foundation beams, call by +375 17 541-06-70 (landline, multichannel) and +375 29 557-64-49 (MTS). Our sales assistants are ready to give you a helping hand whenever you may require it. You may also send a written order for reinforced concrete foundation beams at the company’s e-mail address which is as follows:

What distinguishes us from other companies is as follows:

·  Customer-tailored approach

·  High quality of construction reinforced concrete structures

·  Invariable availability of foundation beams for sale

· Together with foundation beams you may buy other building materials to refine ceremonial areas

·  A flexible system of payment for reinforced concrete products for regular customers

·  Delivery of foundation beams to site shall be effected free of charge provided 25 foundation beams or more are ordered

Prices for foundation beams


Foundation beams for covering graves

Size: 275cm х 10cm х 12cm
Price: 55,700 roubles

*Foundation beams are delivered FREE OF CHARGE provided 25 foundation beams or more are ordered!