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1, Zagorodnaya Street, Zaslavl, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus, 223034

Ph.: +375 17 541-06-70 (landline)
Mobile ph.: +375 29 557-64-49 (MTS)
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Boundary curbstone

Boundary stone offered for sale by Vibrobeton DLC is high-quality strong curbstone, which may be bought immediately from us, its producer, in Minsk. No road construction is possible without curbstone. Boundary stone frames numerous motorways, streets and avenues in Minsk, also making distinct the boundaries of comfortable enclosures there as well as the paths of our favourite fazendas. Paving, garden or lawn boundary stone, produced by Vibrobeton DLC is not only a strong and a wear resistant building material, but is also a building material capable of attaching a unique décor to any landscape plot.

Buying boundary stone exactly from us you will benefit in two ways – getting a 100%-quality product at a reasonable price.

Quality of boundary stone

It is impossible to find a place without curbstone in a modern city. If only it could last long and were esthetically attractive! Boundary stone, produced by Vibrobeton DLC using vibratory casting, conforms to all the required formal quality standards, in particular, to the GOST standards. It is made from high profile cement Grade M500 DO (М500 Д0) with the addition of washed sand and high-quality fluidifiers to increase its wearing capacity, durability, watertightness and frost resistance; colorants are also added. The high quality of our boundary stone is achieved by using highly efficient import equipment to produce it. Our boundary stone does not only last long and is very nice; it is also convenient for curbing.

Delivering boundary stone in Minsk on the condition of carriage paid or by self-hauling

Selling of boundary stone is carried out directly from our production warehouse in the town of Zaslavl (1, Zagorodnaya Street, 15 km from the Minsk Ring Road, in the direction of Molodechno). Our paving slab may be delivered on the condition of carriage paid (prices for transportation). The maximum time for carrying out your order for boundary stone will make 2 days.

We are waiting for your orders to be placed right now

If you are interested in buying standard or coloured boundary stone in Minsk, call us by: +375 17 541-06-70 (landline, multichannel) and +375 29 557-64-49 (MTS) and place your orders with us. You may send a written order to our electronic address which is as follows:

What distinguishes us from other companies is as follows:

ü  Customer-tailored approach

ü  High quality of boundary stone, its guaranteed bump resistance

ü  Availability of grey and red boundary stone.

ü  Invariable availability of boundary stone for sale

ü  Possibility of buying boundary stone wholesale and retail

ü  Together with boundary stone you may buy paving slab fitting it in form and colour

ü  A flexible system of payment for boundary stone and paving slab offered to regular customers

Prices for boundary stone

We produce boundary stone of two colours: standard grey and red. The dimensions of boundary stone are 500x210x70 and the weight per piece of boundary stone makes 15 kg.

Boundary stone (of two colours)

Size: 500х210х70
1m2 - 11 pieces
Price: 71,300 roubles
grey colour - 12400 roubles
coloured - 13900 roubles

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