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Producing concrete counterweights for washing machines is the core business of Vibrobeton DLC

Vibrobeton DLC occupies a leading position in the production of concrete counterweights for washing machines, one of the most important components necessary to assemble washing equipment. It is impossible to do without counterweights when developing the design of any model of washing machine. A counterweight is a special massive concrete or cast iron plate insuring the necessary level of stability of a washing machine when water circulates in its drum. The major producers of washing machines in Belarus and abroad such as Atlant CJSC, being Company Number One in the production of household appliances in Belarus and one of the most popular world technological brands, and the company LG from South Korea have already opted for us as their supplier with concrete counterweights. We are interested in new customers and attempt at attracting potential buyers by a possibility of manufacturing concrete counterweights for any model of washing machine on the most favourable conditions.

Advantages of cooperating with us

-  Vibrobeton DLC is ready to arrange an uninterrupted delivery of concrete counterweights of any configuration and size to your plant. You are required to submit appropriate technical characteristics and drawings, and in return within the shortest time possible we will organize batch production of concrete counterweights of any volumes using our company’s modern equipment.

-  The production facilities of our company already today allow us to produce up to 18,000 counterweights a day. We are taking a continuous effort to raise the quality of our products and to improve our production facilities.

The International Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 specifies those high standards in the production of concrete counterweights which will satisfy the requirements of any producer of washing machines.

-  Our company’s management in their managerial effort follows the theory of controlling the quality of their products based on 4 Ms (ManMachineMaterialMethod), and constantly monitors all the 4 ingredients: manpower, machinery, materials and methods of production.

-  Owing to the availability of the company’s own motor vehicle pool (trucks with the carrying capacity of up to 20 tons), we are able to deliver counterweights right to your plant. Excluding logistical expenses, we shall economize on money, means and time, and this will favourably affect the final cost of our products.

-  We are constantly cooperating with our partners coordinating with them every step of ours – from choosing a supplier of raw materials to produce counterweights to delivering finished products to any plant in any part of Europe and Asia.

We are ready to cooperate with any company

Companies producing counterweights for washing machines are not too many in the world. However, it will not be profitable to import counterweights from any country of the FSU, such as China, India, Turkey or Egypt, for example, having a reliable producer of counterweights for washing machines located right in the centre of Europe. Cooperating with Vibrobeton DLC, you will cooperate with a professional partner thus creating conditions for further development of your own business.

At the same time, concrete counterweights are the most cost-effective and ecologically efficient components for washing machines, as the alternative material for producing counterweights – cast iron – is far more expensive and is therefore in less demand.

Counterweights for washing machines – quality of our products

One of the problems which may arise while operating a washing machine is the appearance of a crack in a counterweight or its total destruction. As a result, the drum of a washing machine starts to vibrate and to bounce. Concrete counterweights supplied by us to our partners, the Atlant and LG plants, are made from high-quality dense concrete, satisfying all the required technological standards. We specifically mark each lot of counterweights and ship only those of them which are 100%-ready for shipment. The reputation of your company will never be tarnished if you choose us, Vibrobeton DLC, to supply you with counterweights.

We are waiting for your orders to be placed right now

If you are interested in cooperating with us and would want to discuss issues related to the production of concrete components for washing machines, call us by +375 29 224-75-43 or send your enquiry for counterweights for washing machines at the given e-mail address which is as follows:

Models of counterweights for washing machines

In a washing machine a counterweight may be placed above the washing tub, under it or on the front cover of the washing tub, while the total weight of a counterweight may reach of the order of 25 kg.


Counterweight 1

Counterweight 2

Counterweight 3

Counterweight 4

Counterweight 5